Emails Received

Hey Tony,
How are you doing?
I looked at your web page, it's pretty sweet!
My name is Seleni Shepherd. When you came to Richfield, Utah, I was one of the kids that was in the big group talking to you at the Ideal Dairy. I was wondering, how many years have you been building your muscles? Also, when you have your competitions do you travel around the world or just stay in California?
The competition pictures really show how much bigger you were than some of the other body builders. You must work really hard to build your muscles that big!
My dad is wondering who your father in law is and where does he live?
Thanks for talking to us at the Dairy in Richfield, my friends and I thought that was pretty cool!!!!!!
I would really appreciate it if you would e-mail me back, with the answers to my questions.
Seleni Shepherd